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In the afternoon, I went over to Fred's for the day. We had a great time. He showed me an all new anime called pretear that lot of my favorite VAs are in. Heh. He got me to watch it by telling me that Greg Ayres was in it. I brought it home with me. It's about this girl named Himeno (played beautifully by Luci Christian!)who is going through a lot of rough changes when her father marries a woman, expanding her family to include two stuck up stepsisters. She lives in this huge mansion. But she's not happy. She begins to think she's not worth anything until....THE KNIGHTS OF LEAFE COME FOR HER! The Knights are Seven guys (2 of which are so smexy, you'd think they were in the wrong anime!) that protect the world from Demon Larva, and they have news for Himeno! She's the next Princess Pretear!
Here's a list of VAs that I am sure most of my friends will recognize!
Chris Patton- Sasame(known for Greed on Fullmetal Alchemist)
Illich G.-Hayate (known for Gojyo in Saiyuki)
Greg A.-Mannen (known for Goku in Saiyuki)
Luci C.-Himeno (Known for Risa in DNAngel)
Hilary H.-Hijime (Known for Lirin in Saiyuki)

These guys...they're just about in every anime I've ever seen that was ADV or Funimation. Mostly ADV. I am so honored to have ever met Greg and Luci. Greg, if you read this when you get back from Neko-Con, I want you to know that I am not just saying it to be a fan girl. I really do feel this way. I am currently looking for more of Vic's work, since Anime on Demand no longer sees fit to put DNAngel back on!! Stupid On Demand, and also...I need more Saiyuki. Maybe I should save my Carrie Underwood 20 for another 20 and buy two more Saiyuki DVDs. What does everyone else think? Saiyuki , or Carrie? hmm....
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