Prima Donna (mousse4me) wrote in adv_anime,
Prima Donna

The ADV Angels must be watchin' over me....again.

Okay! Who decided it would be a good idea to enter Mom's head and convince *her* to pay for my Pretear thinpack?! I had the money, save for 2 or 3 dollars, which she agreed to pay for. But when we got to the register to pay for everything (including a new Karaoke mic and six new CDs, she handed my 20 back to me!! *gasp* Mom never pays for my anime stuff! I was wondering if Mannen or Sasame got into her head...maybe they preted with her...LOL! Anyway,now I own my OWN copy of the thinpack. My first official anime series completed! yeah! It's ironic that this is basically an anime that was unknown to me, being the Greg fan that I am. Now I'm an even bigger fan of Chris Patton's and Illich's. (I can NEVER spell his last name, so I don't even try anymore. LOL). Fred started something, showing me this anime, it's finished already. I guess with buying an entire anime, comes a bittersweet knowledge of knowing you won't have to buy anymore every month. I still want DNAngel DVDs for Christmas. I miss Dark!!!
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