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Welcome to the ADV fan community. This is for those who are fans of ADV dubbed anime such as Rahxephon, Saiyuki, DNAngel, etc..so if you think ADV kicks ass, please join ^_^


1. No dub bashing. That gets on my nerves and I'm sure it gets on the nerves of other fans. If you come to this community to start a war, you will not win.
2. Try to stay on topic meaning, try not to talk about anything that has nothing to do with ADV.
3. Don't post unrelated spam.
4. Post icons and other fanworks behind lj-cuts
5. Be respectful.

Yeah, those are all of the rules :)

If you have any questions e-mail me at otakuphangirl@gmail.com

Be sure to check out ADV's official website at http://www.advfilms.com

ADV voice actors are love!

Maintainer: fuyuyouji